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Signs you are about to make a career misstep

Everyday we make numerous choices that are quite simple and straight forward: what to wear for work, what to order for lunch, whether to watch Netflix or News. They don’t seem to cause much inner conflict or stress! Right ?

On the other hand decisions regarding career and career transitions points, can leave students significantly more on the fritz. Decision-making is tough, particularly when there may not be one “right” answer. Despite your best efforts, it’s not always clear what to do next. How do you know whether you’re heading in the right direction, or about to make a bad career move you'll regret?

Look for these tell-tale signs that would indicate you are about to make a career misstep- and how to get back on track to finding your dream career-

1.You have a sense of anxiety- Does this sensation creep up every time you think of your future career or any new opportunity? Is there a sense of discomfort when you dive deep and deeper into the potential careers you are considering? Would you enjoy doing the job for years and years together? If you don’t feel much of the connection with the careers on your mind , try and introspect more. Although most of us come equipped with a sense of intuition when something doesn’t feel right, we also have plenty of ways to rationalize these feelings away and ultimately discount them. Slow down your thinking. Separate fact from fiction in your mind. For instance you may not want to travel extensively or you may not enjoy dealing and managing vendors. Your self assessment will help you put things in perspective. Reaching a career decision is bound to cause some butterflies.

2.You are restless- Big decisions are not easy. With big decisions come uncertainty. The complicated nature of significant career decision might make you feel completely preoccupied or keep you up at night. Learning to balance your head and heart is going to be an ongoing process.

3.You don’t feel motivated- Be honest with yourself. Why do you want to get into a particular career? Considering your career options because it makes you look ‘cool’ amongst your peer or just because you know someone who is earning well from the profession are not the right reasons to base your career decisions. To sidestep criticism from family and friends or hiding the decision altogether are also bad signs that you’re making an escape-based choice only to regret in the future. Your career decisions should rather excite you to look forward to . It’s perfectly fine to outsource your decision making to other people whom you can trust for advice instead of becoming self-reliant. It’s important to learn to believe in yourself and be confident.

4.You are feeling desperate- Feelings of desperation may take root when you’re deeply confused about your future career. You might have an anxious feeling of simply wanting to get the decision over with because it is making you uncomfortable and difficult with no clarity. When you feel panicky, it’s tough to maintain perspective. Consult someone who would not be prejudiced against you. Could be anyone you feel comfortable with-your friend, your parents, your mentor or coach to help you sort through options in an objective way. You would be surprised how easier it is to calm down and think rationally after getting out of your own head.

5. Talk yourself into it- Your self-talk may include some versions of the phrase, , “Well, at least I…”

  • “Well, at least I will have a job…”

  • “Well, at least I’ll be making more money…”

  • “Well, at least I won’t look stupid for considering this opportunity…”

This type of anxious internal dialogue is called intellectualization and is a common response to anxiety. Because strong emotions can be uncomfortable, we overly focus on facts and logic. While being rational and using reason can of course be a great thing, it can also signal denial. Deep down, you know your possible career choice might be a bad idea. If you’re talking yourself into something like this then it is truly not right for you. This isn’t a productive frame of mind for making decisions about a career.

Take the false pressure off yourself and join hands with Eduvew-Career Plan and Education Abroad to know all the right answers that is right for you. Our experience in handholding more than 1000 students and guiding them towards their dream career and dream study destinations promise students a positive change. Your dream is right around the corner.



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