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50 Careers that don't judge you by your Class 12 marks

Career choices that do not judge you according to your CBSE Class 12 marks.

Thanks to digitization and the rise of technology that has transformed the industry scene drastically in past decade. The future is of new jobs and careers. Thus after completing 12th students should explore all possible options beyond the traditional medicine and engineering careers.

Because of the new job roles there is a high need for new skills. These skills are much in demand now and in future they will be at par with the mainstream jobs that are pursued after studying in science and commerce streams.

However, you need to note that a wrong choice or a delayed career choice will waste your valuable 4 or 5 years. Hence its recommended to consult a career counselor as the decisions that you take today contains success parameters for tomorrow. Ensure that your career choice reflects your personality and your interests.

The official CBSE website has listed various career options that do not judge you by your CBSE Class 12th Marks. These interesting off-beat careers are promising and will allow you to explore yourself in a world where there are many new kinds of industries developing.

Here is a list of 53 career options after Class 12 apart from engineering and medical streams:

  • Archaeology

  • Art Restoration

  • Curation

  • Educational/Vocational School Counsellor

  • Monuments And Sculpture Restoration

  • Museology

  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Psychology

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Social Work

  • Special Educator

  • Speech-Language And Hearing

  • Law

  • Advertising

  • Journalism

  • Mass Communication

  • Public Relations

  • Art Direction

  • Choreography

  • Direction

  • Film/Drama Production

  • Fine Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Vocal and Instrumental Music

  • Animation

  • Cinematography

  • Communication Design

  • Design

  • Graphic Designing

  • Photography

  • Actuarial Sciences

  • Event Management

  • Hospital Management

  • Hotel Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Insurance

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Management

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)/Bachelor of Education (B.ed.)

  • Corporate Intelligence

  • Detective

  • Food Science and Nutrition

  • Foreign Languages

  • Home Science

  • Interior Designing

  • Liberal Studies

  • Library Sciences

  • Montessori Teaching

  • Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Physical Education

  • Sports And Sports Management

  • Tourism & Travels

  • Information Communications And Entertainment

So if you are wondering -- if not BTech, MBBS or BCom, then what? - this list of career options after Class 12 is just right for you.

REMEMBER- there are people who succeed without degrees too. Just make the right career choice meant exclusively for you, and set your pace in the path of success.


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