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Eduvew personalized career guidance and study abroad

Your study abroad dream comes true with Eduvew

Personalized strategies to help you study abroad, step wise:


Personalized career guidance

​1. Making the right career decision is the first milestone to your success. Our seasoned Career Advisors make use of the most advanced Career guidance platform & latest technology to help you explore a plethora of career options and arrive at a well informed career decision.

2. The outcome is an exhaustive 12 page plan guiding you on all courses and certifications that will enhance your career. Once you are clear with your decision, you may chose to study in home country. But if you are keen on a degree abroad our advisors will guide you through the next steps of studying in your dream destination and university.


Overseas Education counseling 

1.Applying for studies abroad is a crucial decision hence we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice, but extend it to help you make the right 'career decision'. Our admission advisors are proficient in analyzing your profile and suggest the best possible option relevant to your profile and preferences by taking into consideration your academics and career objectives.


2.Once you have been successfully assisted in narrowing down the list of universities they then suggest you with the program in countries and universities that best matches with your preferences.​


Course, country & university selection

​1. We provide options in 750+ universities across India and 30 countries. This is where our Country Counsellors play a key role. They evaluate your profile and provide their expert advice on Institutions and Courses which streamlines your process of shortlisting the country and university. 


2. To help you plan your finances better you shall be provided with complete information regarding universities offering scholarships and paid internship program, before you leave your homeland. Our experts will guide you right to ensure that you accomplish your dream of pursuing education overseas. 


Application and admission assistance

1.  The utmost important deciding factor in getting the admission is your application. It is your first introduction to the admissions committee. Therefore our Admission Advisors leave no stones unturned in assisting you in filling the applications with precision. Statement of Purpose (SOP), Motivation Letter, Resume and Essays are reflection of your persona.  Hence complete guidance and support is extended  for all your essential documents. They give you the right guidelines for drafting an effective application with complete hand holding, right from screening your application to posting it to the universities so that you sit back and relax.



​1.  The cost of studying abroad and other related expenses vary from country to country, university to university, and also depend upon the course you want to pursue.

To ease the financial burden, our counselors will help you receive financial aid in terms of scholarships, depending on your eligibility for it. If you are able to get an educational loan, grant or scholarship from the college or university of your choice the immediate financial burden can be reduced to a great extent. And we make it all possible with our professional partner firms who come with experience of 22 years.


Visa processing

  1. With different countries having different visa requirements the process is quite intricate. and calls for diligence. We guide you at length for filling up the visa application forms and getting your documents ready to ensure precision and on time submission.

  2. To support you more towards preparedness , we also conduct mock visa interviews to help you gain confidence for the D-Day. High Visa Success Rate comes only from years of experience of our partners and that makes us the preferred and popular choice for students.


Pre-departure briefing

  1. Before you fly to your dream destination we brief you on all the essentials to be kept in mind on all the aspects of travel. We also make you aware of the immigration process and give a pre-view of a student's life in foreign countries. and culture in different countries and continents.

  2. You can also meet other students going abroad through us so that you can develop a sense of bonding if you're moving to the same place. Our mock visa interviews help you gain confidence .


Travel assistance

  1. Our auxiliary services pertaining to  education abroad includes assistance for travel, accommodation, forex and insurance cover. We make sure that you feel at ease once you land into your dream destination.

  2. You can also benefit from our alumni network already studying in numerous universities overseas who can give you a helping hand in times of need. All this is to ensure that you feel at home even in a foreign nation.

Why study abroad? Reasons are more than
you thought...

Experience a new culture

Nothing beats the immersive international experience you get while studying abroad. The best way of finding out about another culture is by immersing yourself in it. Once you are working, your holiday or experiences overseas might be limited to only two to four weeks per year so studying abroad is a great opportunity to remain in a country and learn all about it over a longer period of time. If you’ve stayed closer to home for your undergraduate degree, enrolling in a master’s program can be the perfect time to get this international experience. Students often pursue a master’s degree at a foreign institution to gain a unique cultural experience while acquiring new skills.”

"After completing my 12th, there was a lot of confusion regarding my further career options. Like every other Indian student I was expected to study for engineering but that didn't excite me. Then i decided to get some help from some professionals and I came across Mamta Mam founder/advisor of Eduvew who presented me with dozens of career options by explaining me each and every field in detail. After getting a vast knowledge about certain fields, it became very convenient for me to chose a suitable field that suited my interests

Now, I have decided to pursue Corporate Law and I am ready to face the career challenges that are headed my way. Mamta Mam also helped me to choose and decide the best college for me and also helped me get admission in Alliance University Bangalore for BA LLB.

I would give Eduvew services a rating of 5/5 stars."


Naman Sharma

Alliance University, Bangalore


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