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Meet your Mentor in Dubai for all support and guidance related to your career confusion and College application abroad.

Are you in UAE ?

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Who I am....

As a Counselor I educate and support students as they explore and further understand themselves and their career options, gain valuable experience, develop as professionals, and launch their post-graduation career plans. I believe in empowering students to discover and pursue a path to a fulfilling career, so they can make their own unique marks on the world.


I have been successfully guiding parents and students in UAE, with the best choice for their childrens' career options and what they could achieve when they become aware of their true abilities and potentials.


I have successfully trained more than 35 students through online teaching. A self-directed, action-oriented professional with diverse experience and strong track record, I am committed to professional ethics and standards of practice when I mentor my youth. I am also well experienced in collaborating with school administrators to determine course objectives and updating school curriculum to integrate technology towards enhancing quality of student education. My past role also involves providing lesson planning and pacing support to help educators analyze data and apply it to instruction.​

Are you too looking for the right career guidance and personalized assistance to study abroad ?

 Talk to me on +971557390132

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