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Study abroad at your dream destination.

Giving wings to your dreams!

Over 750 universities in 30 countries. Over 1000 students placed..

Niche courses, better job prospects, global exposure and practical training are some reasons parents are keen on sending their children to study abroad.

Popular study destinations
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Eduvew Scholarship assistance for education abroad

Scholarships are of a great help in planning the financial aspects for education overseas, especially if you have a restrictive financial plan.

The universities and colleges all over the world are providing an increased number of international scholarships to ensure an upsurge in the number of international students, From program and major specific to general scholarships, there is something for everyone.

We will assist you

1. In streamlining the process and helping you in getting the right scholarships as per your eligibility​

2. Coordinating with the university and assisting you with the formalities involved in availing the granted funding.

We make dreams come true!
Eduvew education loan assistance for overseas education

Education loan

Cost of studying abroad varies from country to country and university to university. It also depends upon the course that you want to pursue. Scholarships and part time jobs do cover up the expenses to some extent, however they may not be sufficient. Education loans help you reduce the immediate financial burden to a great extent. 

We will assist you

  1. In suggesting affordable funding option.

  2. Assisting you for Overseas Education Loan process

  3. Assisting you in showing 'proof of funds' to the Universities, on sanction prior to admission.


Besides all assistance, our Loan Advisors will also assist you with other  ancillary services like:

  1. Foreign Exchange

  2. Global Forex Card

  3. International Sim Card

  4. Overseas Travel Insurance

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