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Every career journey is unique.

So is our mentoring.

Personalized one on one!

personalized career counseling and career guidance for students

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Our *Career plan, addresses needs across all stages of the milestone...

Grade 9-10

How do I choose my subjects?

About 90% of the students studying in classes 9/10 are unsure about their future.


The ninth and tenth grades serve as a springboard for students’ career and the decisions they make. Things pick up in a big way during this period, and students are suddenly forced to make the biggest life choice - choosing the right stream. The stream students choose from high school will have a significant impact on the career options they will pursue in the future.

Many realise later in life that they made a bad decision and are forced to stick with the options available or have to start over. 

To ensure our students are career ready, we at Eduvew work with our students in determining their ultimate career goal and then selecting the stream and subject combinations to pursue in order to achieve their desired career path.

Better start early than late

Grade 11-12

How do I make my career road map ?

About 85% of the students studying in classes 11/12 are uncertain about the right course to pursue in college. Above 60% of the students give up their dreams of studying abroad due to lack of information and proper guidance.

Students are always perplexed when it comes to choosing a career path, whether to enroll in courses based on herd mentality or taking the most popular courses or to choose a course based on what their parents force them to take, or simply to follow your friends. The majority of students choose courses without properly assessing their own strengths, weaknesses, and interests. The decision they make due to peer pressure or a lack of knowledge and awareness becomes a burden in their life later.

We at Eduvew assist you in evaluating your abilities and providing career options that are appropriate for you. 

Take guidance instead of chances to make life better

How do I ace my placement?

8 out of 10 college students are unhappy with their choice of professions. 

According to study, about 80 percent of college students change their major at least once. Many students change their majors as many as six times before they decide on a career. Why do college grads want to change their majors? Among the graduates surveyed, the most popular reason for wanting to change majors was “I want to pursue my passion.”

Eduvew provides you with a strategic roadmap for you to land a dream job.

It’s better to have a strategy than being unplanned


How do I rehash my career?

8 in 10 employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, and 7 in 10 feel that the influx of technology is adding to job dissatisfaction. Only 20 per cent employees feel satisfied with their jobs.

Job satisfaction depends on several different factors such as satisfaction with pay, growth opportunities, job security, and relationship with co-workers and supervisors, working environment etc. If you feel you are stuck then seeking career guidance is always a good idea any day as it helps in deciding on re-skilling and up-skilling decisions and subsequently it helps in accelerating one’s career.

We at Eduvew shall assist you in making rational choices in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience.

Choose a career that makes you fall in love with what you do.


Our strategic approach & outcome

We go beyond 

Eduvew takes you through a systematic micro view process that go beyond the present day standard assessments. We take a  YEPI approach (5 Year road map, E- Eligibility for the chosen career, P-Mapped to personality, I- Mapped to interest). Many testing methods produce more than one career possibilities to choose from. We go above and beyond by empathizing with the student and providing complete clarity so the student can decide on  ONE RIGHT choice.

14-hours guided introspection

Eduvew believes that every child is unique, with their own set of aptitudes, abilities and skill sets. This is why we provide 14 hours of guided introspection to address - which career choice is best for candidate; how does the candidate get into the chosen career; how to develop skills needed to excel in the chosen career and so on.

A 12 page personalized *Career Plan

12 page personalized career plan over 14 hours ensures that students are career ready in all aspects. It covers details about Eligibility for chosen career, Assessment Matrix for chosen career- (Education/Skills/ Positives/Challenges) and PERSONALISED CAREER STRATEGY towards accomplishment of Career Goal that has recommendation on-.

(Course/Certifications/  Trainings /  Others )

Your personalized career plan process,
12 pages over 7 days....

Day 0

  • Know your advisor

Day 1-5

  • Watch a career talk on our App and do the inbuilt self assessment for it.​

  • ​Discuss  your assessment & Dream Index with your advisor.​

Day 6-7

  • Finalize requirements

  • Finalize your strategy

And this is how your report will look like...

Page 1

  • Your career choice

Page 5

  • Eligibility for your chosen career

Page 1

  • Your career choice

Page 6


  • What education is needed

  • What skills are required

  • What are the positives

  • What are the challenges

Page 2-3-4



  • List of Talks you explored

  • Your Dream Indices

  • Reasons why Talks were suggested

Page 7-12

  • Courses you should do

  • Certifications you should do

  • Trainings you should do

  • Other relevant steps to take

  • Comments from your Advisor

  • Note from the team

My Career Plan

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