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About us


Eduvew for you

We at EDUVEW, have the perfect blend of education, technology, excellence, experience and empathy to make sure that you progress on the right path

Our Story

EDUVEW was founded by Mamta Sharma to empower students by mentoring them towards making the right career decisions with a progressive attitude and work towards bridging the gap between skill less education and available jobs. Ms. Sharma holds a Masters  & B.Ed Degree , and Green Belt Certification in Global Career Counselling- from UCLA extension.


Eduvew is a one-stop yet long-term solution to all education and career-path prerequisites at every crucial academic milestone, right from Grade 9 and onwards. As a platform it assists students and professionals in planning their route to successfully reach the zenith of their career by learning about their aspirations, beliefs, and competence.

An education evangelist with a long tenure in the Education domain, Ms Sharma is widely recognized for her mission to provide precise and verified information about conventional, unconventional as well as futuristic career options, alongside customized solution for those aspiring to study abroad. She empathizes with the challenges and psychological hindrances that students and professionals face while deciding their career path. Since inception in 2016, she has transformed the education and career management scenario by setting new standards as she and her Eduvew team has helped students to structure their career path mapped to their skills and aptitude and placed them in over 750+ international allied universities.

Career services may be the most important yet are underrated function. Currently, the investments in higher education do not yield the expected returns due to involvement of high costs and bad career decisions. With numerous options comes more confusion among students. Unlike earlier, in existing educational practices, employable graduation degree has taken the central focus which is a mismatch of skills and outcomes when compared to what real-life job environments requirements.

However, amidst and post the pandemic, huge transformations are certainly prevalent, especially in the workforce. Resilience-(personal, professional and financial), adaptability and sustainability have emerged as core values during these tough times. Changes in the economy and social structures require that people possess adaptive skills; therefore, career counselors have more responsibilities now to expand their efforts to help clients construct and reconstruct their lives. Amalgamation of these factors will steer reformed educational policies and governmental policies creating a growing demand for Career Guidance services. All these aspects and thought process have been taken into consideration at Eduvew.


Today, Eduvew is the most comprehensive job evaluation, career guidance, and career counselling Consultancy for students and professionals who want complete clarity about their choice of career and who are looking for a strategic career roadmap. This roadmap will help them to pursue a career in India or abroad, which means that students invest the right way in their higher education. We assist students in finding their dream career by using a multi-dimensional innovative and comprehensive methodology that involves career appraisal as well as self-evaluation. We are a team of seasoned and dynamic academicians and domain experts with a wealth of intellectual capital amassed over the years.


Team Eduvew walks students through every step of the process of identifying the right career and then achieving their desired study destination by guiding them through every step of the process of achieving their targeted goals. With partnerships over 750+ Universities in 30 countries, Eduvew has successfully transformed the career paths of students and professionals placing them in high-ranking colleges and professional positions. Eduvew works through a scaffolding model to handhold in creating the right career road map for next 5 to 7 years. This strategic career plan ensures academic excellence and professional success. Eduvew then also assists every student, to their full satisfaction, in applying to the right college in their dream study destination. Eduvew also works with professionals who wish to have a career development plan to accelarate their growth.

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  • Founder and Career Mentor Eduvew

  • Certified Global Career Counselor -UCLA Extension

  • Teacher Trainer

  • Masters in Environmental Communication -New Delhi

  • BA { English Hons ] & B Ed -               Utkal University


Founder's words...

About 90% of the students are confused about their career. Less than 10% have a career goal and roadmap. Almost 60% students don't know which courses to enrol for. There is something fundamentally wrong in the way students make their career decisions, as research data suggest that more than 50% of youth are unemployable despite investing heavily in their higher education.

They say education makes a human being out of us, teaches us to be humane. It is high time we realized that education isn’t just a means to a good job and luxurious lifestyle. It’s also about adding the relevant skills and at the same time establishing ethics and morals of high standards. Today is the perfect time to guide our students towards a successful future.

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