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We mentor students across career milestones...

Eduvew career guidance and study abroad for students from grade 9 and above


With 5 services in our backpack, we are all set...

Let's take a stroll...

Eduvew career plan counseling for students for

These days, students start thinking about their career as early as 14 years of age. What are your thinking?

Which subjects to choose?

We are here to mentor you discover

your dream career.

Grade 9-10

Grade 11-12

Really a crossroad in your career journey!

Are you thinking...

How to build my career roadmap?

We will mentor you to choose the right career,

then help you build you profile and assist you

in applying to your dream university.

Eduvew career counseling and profile building and study abroad for students
Eduvew career guidance and career plan for students


Trust us, building career is a long journey. Striving for excellence must be a continuous effort. You are likely thinking...

How do I ace my placement?

Of course, you can craft a killer strategy to be the best.

Its possible!

We will mentor you in crafting that killer one!


No one wants a dead-end job. We all wish for a higher wage and greater roles. If such thoughts are crossing your

How do I rehash my career?

..then you are at the right place!​

We will mentor you to accelerate the career graph.

Eduvew career guidance for working professionals

Why choose us...

Eduvew understands your career journey pain points

  • Lack of empathy

  • Inaccessibility to precise and correct information

  • Persisting confusion despite standard assessment tests

  • Constantly evolving job market

Therefore our solution
has 4 core pillars.
We call it
YEPI Plan..

  • Y-5 Years road map 

  • E- Eligibility for the chosen career

  • P-Mapped to Personality

  • I- Mapped to Interest 

how many career options for students

Do you know how many career choices are there in the world today?

Busting myths...

Founder believes

Eduvew believes evry child is capable of building a successful career

Every child is unique and is capable of building a successful career regardless of academic scores and personal challenges

What do our students say...

Naman Sharma- Corporate Law

"After completing my 12th, there was a lot of confusion regarding my further career options. Like every other Indian student I was expected to study for engineering but that didn't excite me. Then i decided to get some help from some professionals and I came across Mamta Mam founder/advisor of Eduvew who presented me with dozens of career options by explaining me each and every field in detail. After getting a vast knowledge about certain fields, it became very convenient for me to chose a suitable field that suited my interests. Now, I have decided to pursue Corporate Law and I am ready to face the career challenges that are headed my way. Mamta Mam also helped me to choose and decide the best college for me and also helped me get admission in Alliance University Bangalore for BA LLB.

I would give Eduvew services a rating of 5/5 stars."


Neelam Goswami- Banking Regulation

A persons life is based on career and I am glad that I took this service where one can prepare a road map for his career with the help of expert counselors.My counselors amicable nature helped me a lot to have clarity about my career.The plan provided by her will definitely help me attain my career goals of getting into Banking Regulation.Thank you maám.

Nouman- Cyber security 

I had an amazing experience with my advisor. Now I know what to do to make my career a successful one. Earlier I had no idea about Cyber security but now I know all about it and I have made up my mind for it.

Ruchika Agarwal- Travel Journalism

I was there with no hopes on deciding upon a career.I got my personal counselor who helped me explore, gave advices and moreover dealt with me very patiently. We talked over the phone daily and finally I could decide upon my career goal and I have decided to pursue Travel Journalism.

Adrika Sarkar- Veterinary Medicine

I really liked the career talks. It helped me learn why and how to get or achieve my goal of becoming a Veterinarian. It also helped me understand every nuances for becoming a Veterinarian. Mamta Sharma, my advisor helped me clarify my concerns or concepts of the talks that I was suggested. 

This could be YOU...

Your Testimonial........


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